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Call for Papers

Special Collection for JCBFM
in Conjunction with Brain & BrainPET 2022


Recent advances in mechanistic, therapeutic, and diagnostic research of brain disorders: updates from Brain & BrainPET 2022

Scope and significance:
Brain disorders based on cerebrovascular dysfunction or damage, including ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes and neurocognitive disorders, severely affect patients’ long-term quality of life and cause a substantial socioeconomic burden. Moreover, progress on treatments for other central nervous system (CNS) disorders like neoplastic ones is limited. The rapidly growing aging population, especially those with comorbidities, further increases the increasing risk of neurodegenerative brain disorders.

Recent advances have provided novel mechanistic insights into CNS disorders, thereby fostering current preclinical and clinical research towards new therapeutic and diagnostic strategies. These can likely improve neurological function and brain health in many patients. This special collection is open to submitting novel and high-quality research contributions on preclinical, translational, and clinical topics from researchers who presented their work or are doing research in accordance with the topics presented at Brain & BrainPET 2022. We anticipate that this special collection will provide critical data and concepts for further research and a better understanding of the pathopsychological mechanism of brain disorders. We welcome the submission of all article types featured by JCBFM, including comprehensive reviews and original research articles.

Submission deadline - extended to September 30th, 2022
All papers accepted by November 15th 2022.

The collection can be published Dec 2022

Guest Editors

Peiying Li, MD, PhD
Professor of Anesthesiology
Department of Anesthesiology
Renji Hospital,
Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine

Johannes Boltze, MD, PhD
Professor of Neuroscience
School of Life Sciences
The University of Warwick
Gibbet Hill Campus
Coventry CV4 7AL
United Kingdom