Conditioning Medicine SIG   

The Conditioning Medicine SIG (CM-SIG) will foster communication between scientists and clinicians and enhance the interactions between cardiology and neuroscience, and other specialties that explore conditioning medicine as treatment and preventive strategies for disease. Our group of scientists first came together in 2016 after two scientific conferences celebrated the 30th anniversary of the discovery of ischemic preconditioning. It was recognized that the complexity of the basic science and clinical developments in cerebral ischemia and ischemic heart disease calls for a collaborative vision of conditioning medicine. Our group of “conditioning medicine” scientists has since organized conferences bi-annually to facilitate communication and collaboration of scientists and clinicians from around the world. We now feel that having an official designation as an SIG within ISCBFM will lead to synergy. Our group will benefit from a wider exposure to the larger ISCBFM community so that this science can continue to grow. ISCBFM should benefit by having an opportunity to add to its membership, as well as a strong focused subset of members who can bring together the science of tissue conditioning with basic mechanisms of blood flow and metabolism in the brain.

The mission of the CM-SIG is to promote the communication and collaboration between scientists and clinicians in conditioning medicine research including molecular mechanisms, cell signaling, vascular and systemic mechanisms, clinical studies and clinical trials. We aim to consolidate research from different fields, build on basic mechanisms of blood flow and metabolism in the brain, and thereby create new concepts and establish appropriate guidelines for ongoing and future clinical trials to protect the brain from injury and disease.

Conditioning Medicine SIG Chair:
Yongting Wang       [email protected] 

Recent Activities:

Upcoming Activities:

  • Plans to submit proposal for symposium session in upcoming Brain conferences
  • Plans to submit proposal for satellite workshop in future Brain conferences


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