Scientific Interest Groups


The ISCBFM is pleased to launch Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs) focused on advancing a specific scientific area. The overall goal is to formally support members with common professional interests to network and gain more specialized professional development within the ISCBFM. Collectively, SIG members will have a stronger presence in ISCBFM. For example, at the biennial BRAIN meetings, SIGs can seek support from the ISCBFM for satellite conferences or symposia, seek space and resources for private social networking events, or have a voice in the program committee for thematic proposals, subject to approvals by the Executive, Education and Program Committees.

ISCBFM will support networking activities via access to a designated webpage for each SIG on the ISCBFM website as a communication tool. Any scientific topic can be a starting point for a SIG (e.g. mitochondria, subarachnoid hemorrhage, optical imaging, vascular dementia, microglia, blood-brain barrier, energetics, etc.). The mission of each Special Interest Group will support the Society's mission of promoting the advancement of education in the science of cerebral blood flow and metabolism throughout the world. 

Current Scientific Interest Groups

Guidelines for SIGs:

  1. Membership

    • Any ISCBFM member or a group of members may propose a SIG to the ISCBFM Executive Committee via the ISCBFM website.  

    • All members of the SIG must be ISCBFM members, including Active, Senior, Honorary and student members

    • The Chair must be an Active Member of the ISCBFM in good standing.

  2. Application Requirements

    • Name of the SIG and primary contact, inaugural chair and membership ID.

    • Purpose, Mission and Goals of the SIG with a brief background of rationale.

    • Proposed activities/events.

  3. Requirements for established SIGs

    • Submit a brief report to ISCBFM one month prior to the Brain meeting, summarizing the activities/accomplishments for the past years, objectives for the coming years, and membership roster.

    • Update SIG webpage via ISCBFM webmaster with the description of the SIG, mission and goals, activities, and membership roster.

  4. ISCBFM Support and Review

    • Applications for SIG status will be reviewed by the ISCBFM and presented to the Executive Committee for approval within one month of submission.

    • ISCBFM will provide a webpage for the SIG, accessed via a hyperlink on the ISCBFM website.

    • Material or virtual support (e.g. regional or satellite meetings, advertisement to promote SIG activities) will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee based on submitted proposals, including special topic sessions at the Brain meeting, regional or satellite meetings on SIG topic, advertisement in JCBFM to promote the SIG topic or activities. All requests will follow ISCBFM’s established steps of review and approval.

    • SIG activity will be reviewed every 2 years. SIGs that are inactive or fail to submit an annual report may be dissolved by the Executive Committee and the webpage and hyperlink may be removed from the ISCBFM website.

Submit an Application for a Scientific Interest Group